current observations

By freshouttatime
I'm suffering from strep throat and watery eyes. Also, I feel frustrated/weak from sickness and from not doing anything the last couple of days. Call me emo if you please but this is fun ranting and raving. I am currently watching Motorcycle diaries chronicling Ernesto Guevera's journey through South America and what shaped him to become the iconic revolutionary that everybody reveres him to be. What appeals most is the dude stepped away from normal life and just traveled, not belonging to any place in particular though he does have a home somewhere back in Argentina. For a brief period in his life, he was free from the obligations, and the glaring pitfalls of everyday life. Various factors like society, customs, school, modes of thinking is what imprisoned him. Or me? or both? Being a traveler but also with a purpose, he set out to volunteer at a leprosy clinic because that's his vocational specialization. We all know what happens in the end; in a nutshell of nutshells the dude embraces marxism and dedicates himself to freeing people from the abuses of others in living their daily lives. Cuba, and i think venezuela. Call me the unqualified IR major. Thank you failed mind.
Weakness makes me much more impatient than usual. I even struggle to sit and read. I watched classic basketball games on stage6 divx and really identify with it because basketball when played well is perfection. I also watched the "all things d" conference that was highlighted with an interview of both steve jobs and bill gates, two of the most dangerous/influential people in the world. Dangerous because they affect so many aspects of our lives, movies, work, research, music, communication, photography. So with the PC they set the paradigm/protocol in how we conduct our "modern lives" through computers, through typing, through headphones, through chatting, through downloading. They have brought on the confrontation between piracy and the right to access useful media. All of it is capitalized so that money is being made and this in turn trickles down to so many aspects of economy. Gates specifically dreams software, this in turn drives R&D for hardware and also complements it. Jobs is more so emphasizing end user ease which he has so brilliantly allowed by putting together a company that researches right software and hardware. End use is such a simple phenomenon, that R&D behind it, in the innovation in all accounts and the discipline required to attain it is what Microsoft and Apple are so successful at.
They have created the most successful business model in the world because they incorporate the use of a variety of talents and skill sets, albeit alot are computer related but also a big emphasis on the nature of man. They are now at the level of telling us what technology should look like in the next 5 years. The initial step was convincing people that the PC is going to make our lives more efficient. Since that is now accepted we look to them to give us something better and are less likely to have to rationalize on it free of our current context.
So where does free enterprise come in? Does that even make liturgical sense? People on the whole will never opt for the free "bootleg" "badboy" path, unless you have strong charismatic leaders convincing people that this is the paradigm our lives should conform to. Underground means its deviant from the mainstream.

I'm reading Islam in China, Islam has adopted the terrain of all the lands it permeates into. Now American Islam must be something wholly different from the grievance mind set of the greater Muslim world but retain the essential values. Someone has to parse through the annals of Islam since Adam pbuh and be able to say entertainingly that this is Islam. This is needed for me, even though it is redundant since Muslims and myself believe in the effectiveness of Muhammad pbuh as the way of conducting life. Falling into this sentence is the folly of most of my brethern. How then do i conduct myself in western economy where banks laden with interest is a means towards greater education? Where shaking hands with women is commonplace? Music is bad? what are the core principles not to be violated?
Tawhid has many implications? Am I failing to confront reality? or am i accurate in critiquing the reality that Islamic doctrince has presented before me? All those who questioned had done soul searching and research. Me? disillusionment at some days. other days i am focused and not afraid to face my responsiblities. Kinda like now.

Narrated Ibn Umar (Radhiallaho anho):
The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said, "Every betrayer will have a flag which will be fixed on the Day of Resurrection, and the flag's prominence will be made in order to show the betrayal he committed."

Bukhari Vol. 4 : No. 411

Core principle- do not betray ideals, people that you have committed yourself to.