summer musings

By freshouttatime
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اسلام اليكم

finally back to writing in this, well i'm back in boston. I'm doing some work on Islamic thinkers and I'm continuing my job as a lab monitor/computer guy in photonics.

Which I am currently at, I'm also trying to study for the GRES, by cramming vocab.

So the weather as of late has been scorching, just the way i Like it. its odd though that we can control the climate of an enclosed area like its winter and once we step outside its hotter than anything i can imagine.

I finished up my work on sayyid qutb, this dude was all about social justice. That was the ends to which all nations, governments, leaders and people should strive for. It just so happens that Islam - the protocol of life dictated from God does exactly that, provide social justice. He says now the world is in a very delicate situation where mostly everyone is in a state of ignorance or جحليا therefore the muslims need to be the vanguard and resolve this issue by waging jihad at all levels against the hostile elements of the world. Once Islam's supporters teh Muslims; have prevailed, then can social justice for all be achieved.
Very idealistic, but we know how that all turned out with Islamic fundamentalism and the western scholarship attributing Qutb as the father of fundamentalism.

i'm maad hungry, i wanted to go to this seminar on singapore, but food is somewhat of a pressing matter, there are also two seminars i may go to the one at 5pm.

shalom salaam peace