ahmedinajad at columbia

haven't watched it yet, been running to and fro from class, but heres a link:

all the articles thus far have hinted at how RUDE and i feel disrespectful President Bollinger of Columbia has been. Seems like alotta the questions posed to Ahmedinajad were all mindless rhetoric, "why do you deny the holocaust" - uh he didn't he and his camp have said numerous times its about reviewing what went down, and the how this unfortunate events is so tied to Israel and Palestine.
Joe Lieberman went out to say he shouldn't even be here because of the blood on his hands.

Umm America? Afghanistan, Iraq? Heck even us laying low during Serbia's ethnic cleansing period (mind you we went in 1999, when the genocide has been going down since eh 1992ish?)

Again like what happened with Ambassador Zarif last year at BU, theres always double standards & i think more so with this event a refusal to listen.
So the AP press article talks about the questions posed by the President Bollinger, quotes by protestors, and then says Ahmedinjad quotes the Quran and often did not answer questions simply and followed up with more questions.

oh well, i think i'll have more constructive things tonight after i watch it, inshaAllah.