camii 3

By freshouttatime

so i just got back from Taraweeh prayers. In case it wasn't known i've been looking for a mosque that suited my mood and would complement the spirituality i was seeking. The third night seemed to have worked.

To start off, today's fast was difficult (i think i alluded to this in the last post) and i broke my fast alone, but i really really enjoyed my meal. I was thinking to myself how awesome it is the sensation of taste, seriously, why did i enjoy eating so much? Like my body needed it for sure, but mentally why was i so satisfied with every bite and every flavor exploding in my mouth. I felt like that scene in Ratatouille where all the flavors came together in Remy's mind/mouth and was just fireworks. Awesome.

So after i finished eating and prayed Mahgrib it was around 810 -815, Isha prayers from what i assumed would start roughly around 830. Thus leaving me 15 minutes to get to whereever i had to be. Earlier today and yesterday i was resolved to hit up the Mosque outside the SunShine Cafe gate, but as it grew late i was growing reluctant. SubhanAllah i'm not aware how but i ended up going with ease. On the way there i bumped into two middle aged men who were also going to the Camii and discovered that one of them worked at METU as a secretary.
The sight of the Mosque in moderately high in the sky was a sight to me, the Minaret had lights all around it and just looked kool. I walked inside and a sort of tranquility overtook me. This was much more different the last time i was here, the mosque was dark and i had just missed the Jamat for Mahgrib, making this place feel lonely and unused.
But this time i walked into the Prayer hall and there was about 150-200 people in and about 70% full. Immediately you can tell that these constituents weren't upper class or as Cosmopolitan as the ones down in Kocatepe. They seemed to be working class Turks, laden with beards and kufis, and mellow outfits. Something about the authentic atmosphere moved me. As i had indirectly suspected, the Imam would not be doing a Juz a night and offered the same few ayahs for 20 raka. yet this time i accepted it and felt much more focused in my offerings.
Sitting next to me was a little kid about 5-6 yrs old and his father maybe in his 50's to his left. the boy was mimicking his father's every move. The father son dynamic can be expressed in variety, but this one was so simple and direct; the young boy watching his father and his father instructing him on how to pray. The boy was attentive and strived to complete everything with attention and this seemed so noble.

On my way out of the mosque, i was stopped by the man, Osman and me him and his companion Ferrat were walking back. As i was about to head towards METU, Osman asked me to come over for tea, and if yall know me i dont refuse when offered free things obliged, feeling very humbled that a man in his 40's would treat me to such kindness. So we walked into his flat, and was welcome at the door by his son; 8 or 9, his wife, Ferrat's kids, and Osman's niece. I was shown into the living room and told to sit back and relax. I was soon offered tea, cookies and baklava. Mind you nobody really knew english and of course my level of Turkish is less than respectable. But with the help of his niece- a highschooler and Osman's broken english i was able to convey some of my family background, what i study and etc. His little son was funny, because everytime Osman spoke in English he and all the other kids would start laughing. I sat for a little while longer, and left about a halfhour after i got there.
Osman showed me to the front of the house, his whole family gave me salaams and i returned them. I left feeling again very humbled by Turkish character and hospitality.