follow up on the iran deal and other things

By freshouttatime
the ahmedinajad thing was a few days ago, and i've kinda lost interest in writing anything more about it, also cuz maa doesn't like it when we talk sensitive issues, but at the same time there is immense wisdom in restraining one's tongue, especially when stopping yourself from bashing others.
so on that note, i've said what i really wanted to, that is, there are too many double standards when we criticize/condemn/vilify others, and it makes us completely dishonest
"Give full measure, when you measure, and weigh with even scales. That is better and fairer in the end" 17:35

So lately i've been listening to Muhammad Jebril and MashaAllah he's in Boston again this year, I wasn't ready for it the other years and i guess this year either, but its cool. I'm glad that ISBCC is doin their thing and has the Masjid open. (long story short, we've been workin on a multi million dollar islamic center since 2004, we finished it this year after many bumps inthe road, SubhanAllah)

so tonight i caught some balkan/folk/gypsy concert at ODTU, the man goes by the name of Goran Brecovic- he was a new sound to me, and pretty impressive. It seemed to simple though there were many instruments involved; trumpet, trombone?, french horn, guitar, drum and two vocalists. The best way to describe it is that funky element in SKA that makes SKA, ska. Catch 22 and Sublime seem to capture a bit of its essence. But what was great about it, that like jazz or something everything seemed to frenetic yet in harmony.
Those were the positive things, negative- it was odd to see a packed stadium, packed field of people of all age ranges jumpin up and down going krazy for music, Truly man is ungrateful to his Lord, and to that fact he bears witness to it by his deeds (100:6-7)

I feel like i may have wasted time tonight, as i do many times without realizing, because at many points it dawned on me that we're in the last half of Ramadan and i'm sitting/standing listening to guy perform/sing that gives me no benefits except for the moment. I mean i'm not rejecting music as a whole, but people were deriving joy/happiness from the most simplest form of expression and to many it was not understandable.
I'm starting to grow aware of what is useful and what isn't, or it feels that way. The belief in accountability and our time to death has been coming into my mind lately, after a loong time. SubhanAllah.

What are some things i learned from the Quran last few days? That its pretty difficult to do what's right in the face of your peers/family/society. Mary dealt with all the accusations and the stigma of being outcasted for birthing Jesus (pbuh)
Haroon (pbuh) couldn't say anything to his people when his bro went to the mountain and the Samiri guy made the hollow golden calf for all them to idolize.
Yet hopelessness is not a characteristic worth keeping, it goes against progression or "true modernity"
There are all these guidebooks on being a successful/happy individual (why good things happen to good people) and retaining a view of hopelessness/bitter sarcasm just isn't constructive. The existence of two choices, between looking at the glass half full or looking at it half empty means something. The former results in a better environment for yourself and others.

I'm sleepy.

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