helloo weekend

By freshouttatime

so its friday nite, day 2 of ramadan is in the books. i was actually extremely hungry today, i think yesterday it didn't effect me because i was really pumped the whole day. classes were cancelled, and i went to the bazaar and bought some stuff (pistachios, dates, walnuts) and some cold cuts from the grocery store.

we had iftaar/dinner in the dorm (me and kian) and then i went to taraweeh prayers held on campus. its off on the far side of campus and was quite a trek (20 minutes)? the imam was chill, and i believe he was turkish but couldn't speak english. so we ended up conversing in arabic.

i was accompanied by two grad students of pakistan origin who befriended kian when he got here, so they were kinda my guides. at taraweeh here there was about 12 people and the Imam was not following from the start to end.

okay i think i dwelt long enough on this topic. Today we had Turkish class, and i think i'm getting comfortable with the language; in the sense i can feel the right way to make sentences and etc. thats the one thing i enjoy about languages you can feel your way into expressing yourself. Personally i think english is the hardest to express my self, probably because i know it more complexly than my other languages and its my ideas themselves that are hard to conceive of and then explain.

i feel blessed that i know a few languages, but aside from english they're enough for me to get along in daily life. like i said english is the language my mind breaks things down in. i thought for some time it was bangla, but thats only in the context.

Alhamdulilah i'm so full. This weekend i hope to see a bit more of Ulus (the old part of Ankara) it retains an authentic Turkish identity untainted by Western/modern culture. (ie no malls, but plenty of cheap imported goods, but the people are poorer, speak less english and the like)