boston and reflecting time

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salaamalaykum everyone.

i came back saturday. Haven't given much thought to writing how i felt the last few days.
I'm driven to write now, because i fear that i will forget the people and the experiences that made me the last four months.

different convos, different people will bring up different aspects of the story.

my folks have been kept busy for other things, and do i dare announce it in the public sphere?

ADIBA dont bE MAD! ADIBA M ALI my big (but physically little) SISTER is GETTING MARRIED!!! MashaAllah. Mad exciting for our family, cuz its a change from the lull of the kids growing old and away from the family,and something like this brings up all back together. I'm looking forward to seeing all the family in may, and just getting together for good times. This whole story of the marriage plays a minor part in my turkish experience.
So most of this was occurring with me abroad, and from an outside perspective, you'd think i'd be kinda ticked off that decisions were made without me.
but a lesson i learned in particular was that life, reality always endures, and it all boils down to how you interact with it. Always, theres two roads to take: the "simple" road in many cases means rejecting what's before and maintaing the status quo. but the "steeper" road is the one where its challenging you to improve or modify your thinking.
But he makes no haste towards the path that is steep.
and what will explain to thee the path that is steep? 90:11-12

This is so scattered, but i'll continue. I've chosen to see my experience in Turkey as great. I always enjoyed my time there, the people i met especially, the exposure to a different set of ideals in life.

when i was there, it just made perfect sense that we are individuals and societies, civilizations are so small. people come and go, rules and laws are the same, they change with time. there's a bigger picture that i cant see in its entirety, but i am all too aware of certain details of it (ie my life). But i just grew aware of this bigger picture, larger than life purpose. I didn't return with an existential view, thats taking the low road. Believing that there is nothing more, or that we dont have the signs or tools (religion) to perceive things greater than what we perceive. I'm confident that operating with faith in God will open more doors towards understanding and being happy.

my last cuma in ankara.