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so chomsky spoke today about the "american empire"

He started off by telling us about the founding fathers and their aspirations for America to be an empire, much like the Roman empire, simply because as former Englishmen this is what the founding fathers were exposed to.

He cited washington, jefferson and quincy adams frequently in their aims to consolidate and expand the geographical size of America. This he says is the origin of the "bush doctrine" of pre-emptive strike.

The need for security of a nation state is solved by continually expanding territory and pushing the "other" (native americans, rogue nationalistic states) to the brink, to the state of extinction. (i glamorize, but what can i say i'm a liberalist at heart)

So then he artfully cites alotta instances in American history much of which everyone should know, monroe doctrine, President jackson and the acquistion of florida, 1898 with the acquisition of Cuba, along with Hawaii, the Philippines, panama etc.

He brings to mind the historical lens that one should always keep in mind especially in this "modern era" -> lets say westphalia 1649 onwards. that Nation states survive by expanding and indoctrinating other lands (south america, South East Asia, Far East, and the Middle East) into the capitalist market system.

He also mentioned Woodrow Wilson who because of his absolute brilliance and notions on how the world should operate will always make me honor him with fear. Basically Wilson in 1907 said off the record (ie not a newspaper or media outlet) that an empire (or America specifically) needs to constantly exploit resources in order to prosper, this means indoctrinating through colonization different geographical regions into the capitalistic market economy. and this cannot be achieved without the use of force.

next is cold war business, long story short... us has two regions spheres of interest, south america, and far east (china japan etc) World War II comes to an end, europe leaves a void in all its colonies, India, Indochina, South America. United States gradually steps in and take control of these areas, instills capitalist market economy system.

Domino Theory, NSC 68, Kennan's Long letter, all according to Chomskey reveal a deep paranoia in the United States administration in their quest to grow and maintain stability as an "empire". This is nothing new, Keylor taught us this in ir 350. What's noteworthy is that people are not aware of this, as  a result of government propaganda. I'll just leave it at that. Government propaganda. Chew on it.

So Vietnam was so important because of this very Domino Theory, that if a rogue independent Nationalist State got its wish, it would not be in the capitalist market economy (did i use this phrase enough?) that world elites (America and reconstructed Europe) have reaped much revenue from.

Therefore it was crucial to suppress any "independent national movements" but at the same time support any ones that were in line with US interests (ie November spring of Yugoslavia) and other USSR satellite freedom movements.

By all accounts Vietnam was a victory for the US, Tet offensive is kind of misleading to the naive casual citizen, yeah we suffered casualties, but we also wiped out the Vietcong resistance, or virtually did. We learned that ho chi minh was a master of the 3rd 4th stage of war, where in order to win this asymmetric war, ho chi minh played on the emotions of the war weary, American public. Ho chi minh had some good connections with media folk and Tet offensive really demonstrated to the world that these Vietcong were not giving up, and fighting them was just resulting in American Casualties.

So this somehow brings us to Iraq... resource rich country, US needs to secure region for stability. US is playing it very carefully, not looking to destroy the land resources, and also deliberately making sure the picture of Iraq doesn't look out of hand. Hmm so a couple months ago, when the US gave its assessment of Iraq getting better seems to be pre-empting any actions that would say otherwise.

And just as abruptly Chomsky ends his lecture and opens to q & a.

wrd was i mad nervous about pumping out a new entry. But its done Alhamdulilah.