perception and own constructed realities

By freshouttatime

i had a dream the other night, in which i discovered how what you think is a cold objective reality, is nonetheless a projection of your understanding of a given situation and the environment.

i can't specifically remember what the dream was, but it was much more superior to the one last night, where i dreamt i was re-evaluating the main ideas in matrix. there is purpose beyond your physical existence, something neo accepted, and something which agent smith and cypher couldn't.

everything is about constructing your own reality. If you are to your core a very negative person, defined as only responding to that which you can physically detect and hold accountable then your actions will manifest accordingly. on the other hand if you can take things in stride, and choose to believe that there is more meaning to outward physical actions and that it effects (maybe your spirit) yes your actions will also manifest the same, but it causes you to consider other factors before making a choice. Its no longer because you will see an immediate result, to indulge your whims.

i think i'm still learning to make decisions that will not affect me now, but rather have an impact in the unforseen future, be it physical or the metaphysical reality.

"What a difference there is between two kinds of actions - an act whose pleasure passes away but its (ill) consequence remains and an act whose hardship passes away but its reward stays." Ali ibn Abi Talib