day 3

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The last 3 days have been interesting. I haven't had any classes yet so i've been able to think with a certain degree of clarity.

Physically refraining from food is always the easier aspect of Ramadan. What I struggle with really is guarding my tongue, eyes, and ears.

To kick off Ramadan on Sunday night, I missed Taraweeh in the camii. Monday morning i awoke to the sound of the adhaan from my computer and missed Suhur. 2 strikes.

So it crossed my mind that i didn't begin Ramadan on the right foot. Alhamdulilah, though by the time i got to beantown things looked easier. I had iftaar with the BU bros so it was a good reunion. I then got to Roxbury for Taraweeh and Imam Basyouny is inextricably linked to Ramadan for me. I was feeling really tired, even though i spent most of the day sitting and taking naps on the bus. I got home, and the roomies and i decided we'd hit up Yusuf Masjid for Fajr from here on in.

So my roommate wakes us up around 415, and i'm like "uhhh this is naviwala from the 3buswell days" for those who care, naviwala my roommate 3 years ago would always wake me up to eat before Fajr, and i'd be dead tired, and he'd always be saying that i complained about being hungry/tired throughout the day, so i should fix it by taking suhoor. Its a good thing, and sometimes you may dislike something that's good for you, and love a thing that is bad for you. God knows, but you know not. 2:216 (to be completely honest i left out the first part of the verse: Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it) Look up the context if you're curious. Quran online

So we made it over to Yusuf Masjid, a church that was bought out and made into a Camii/merkez (mosque/cultural center). They hired two full time imams to offer the 5 daily prayers in addition to the Taraweeh. Our Imam is a brother named Mahmoud who's recitation is beautiful. Dude is unbelievable, mashaAllah.

I started to realize that standing in Taraweeh prayers over the course of 30 nights, where the whole Quran is recited outloud in 1.5 hour piece meals, is us witnessing the recitation of God's words for mankind. Similar to how bob costas announced that "we were witnessing something for the ages" regarding the olympic opening ceremonies. Again something about greatness that's so appealing that you don't have to know all the intricacies of a thing to appreciate it (but it most certainly helps, and the more you understand a thing the more you can empathize with it)

"You shall never attain true piety, unless you spend on others out of what you cherish yourselves, and whatever you spend - verily, God has full knowledge thereof." 3:92

I'm running out of nice photos to post, but i have a few left in the bankPA060013