Meccho - the case for the Global Muslim

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as some may have noticed my entries usually consist of things relevant to Middle East politics, Muslim history or Islamic culture.

I consider this current phase of world society as the awakening of the Muslim conscience. (i know...the Sahwa concept of the salafis in the 70's, sue me)

Its the first time that a group of Muslims are fully drenched in modernity after playing catch up during the Ottoman Era, playing colonialist victim until the 50s, dabbling with the -isms (social-ism, islam-ism, modern-ism) for much of the 20th century, with immigration happening concurrently. Now in this new phase, thanks to the coming of age of these immigrants, we are the generation of Global Muslims.

What does this mean? We're carving a niche to the world debate on an intellectual level: through scholars, books, politics, music, and culture.

Muslims have a lot on their mind: political legacy, religious legacy, cultural identity, all leading to the bigger question of what it means to be a Muslim today.

There's been a flood of thinkers who've written about it, and i've already mentioned Tariq Ramadan once; he gives a noteworthy idea of how the trajectories of modernity and Muslims are finally sharing the same path. Regardless of whether or not i agree with him, the fact that we are now considering this question and responding to it with a blend of western and traditional Muslim thought points to the existence of this "global Muslim"

I'm getting to meccho now fareed, hehe dont you worry.

So in this awakening of the Muslim conscience, we are finding a generation that is actively making their heritage visible and relevant to the intellectual, cultural, and political milieu of the world.

a buddy of mine launched this project at Its a social bookmarking site, similar to digg or stumbleupon.

It deals with events that are of interest to this budding generation of Global Muslims, and for anyone else interested in observing this emerging social group.

Current global affairs, a man named Barak Hussein Obama, a show called 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'- are all indications that this Muslim heritage is contributing to the milieu of the world, go on and get a glimpse of it at